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Infotecs Americas Showcases VPN Technology Advantages for Today’s Enterprises

New flexible and scalable ViPNet products allow companies to enhance employee mobility while providing secure and reliable remote access to corporate data 

New York, NYC. – October 20, 2014, the Cyber Security Summit 

News Summary 

Evolving technology such as mobile, social and the internet of things makes providing corporate data security more challenging than ever before. Nearly every day, the headlines report a new major security breach negatively impacting companies and their customers. Given the seeming regularity of such incidents, why does the impact and aftermath differ dramatically from company to company? The answer often has to do with the company's response to the incident and moreover the measures and security framework they put in place to protect themselves and their customers prior to the incident occurring. For today’s mobile executives and remote workers the need for flexibility and productivity can seem paramount and companies may overlook or underestimate the potential risks. Smart executives need to take steps to put in place solutions that support mobility while providing secure and reliable remote access to corporate data. By putting in place solutions designed to meet the demands of enterprise security and mobility you can prevent damage to your most valuable asset, your corporate reputation. InfoTeCS can help companies successfully deliver mobility without compromising on enterprise security. InfoTeCS new, flexible and scalable ViPNet products allow companies to enhance mobility while providing secure and reliable access to corporate data. InfoTeCS unique technology approach delivers a robust, clever and cost effective security platform for today's toughest enterprise security challenges. InfoTeCS provides cost effective ViPNet VPN software solutions specifically designed for easy implementation into a pre-existing IT infrastructure. Thousands of private sector and public sector Enterprise & SME customers rely on the ViPNet technology for their security IT infrastructure. InfoTeCS introduced the latest release of ViPNet VPN for North and South America during The Cyber Security Summit 2014 in New York in September, and experienced strong interest from many companies attending the conference.

News Facts about ViPNet VPN 

  • ViPNet VPN utilizes Virtual IP addressing; changes in your infrastructure such as a route or site/gateway configuration do not require any change to the client or DNS servers;  
  • ViPNet VPN solution provides the client with integrated collaboration tool that allows users to send encrypted instant messages, business email with file attachment, and send files to any host that you have a link; 
  • ViPNet VPN features a policy manager which allows network administrator to create templates that restrict and allow access and can be applied to users, nodes, or administrator can create access controls based on IP address range, DNS name, or URL. The template can be scheduled as well for instance if needed to block social media access to everyone except marketing team for example; 
  • InfoTeCS offers seamless and uninterrupted migration to the cloud. Utilizing this service simultaneously integrates security for the group that is intended to have access to your cloud; 
  • The ViPNet VPN encrypts using its own proprietary protocol and supports most commonly available mobile devices (Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android, iOS).

Supporting Quote 

"Corporate data protection is critical for Today’s businesses, Andrey Chapchaev, CEO at InfoTeCS, says. ViPNet VPN supports a widely distributed network infrastructure with flexible access policies. It ensures secure and reliable remote access to corporate data. Even very large networks with thousands of hosts and complex user access rights are easy and cost effective to manage and maintain".

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