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Infotecs Launches ViPNet Mobile Security Suite: Comprehensive Secure Mobile Solutions that Keep You Safe and Set You Free

The information security imperative for today’s organizations is higher than ever before, due in part to explosive growth in mobile computing, remote working and trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Attacks on and vulnerabilities in mobile devices are continually on the increase. With so many workers and executives on the move, they need reliable and uninterrupted secure access to corporate data anytime, anywhere on a variety of devices. Yet, analysts confirm that traditional enterprise security solutions often fall short and do not meet the needs of highly mobile users.

Infotecs’s unique Peer-to-Peer approach makes efficient and seamless secure mobile communication attainable, providing continuous connectivity, true mobility and portability that work with multiple devices including tablets and smartphones encrypting voice, video, email, chat and file exchange traffic on the move and on the device. The ViPNet Mobile Security Suite supports stable roaming, fast processing speeds and high throughput while, minimizing disruptions and eliminating data loss. With this solution enterprises can achieve additional productivity benefits through secure collaboration, and secure file storage and sharing in the Public Cloud.

The Infotecs ViPNet Mobile Security Suite meets the full scope of an organization’s mobile communication requirements thereby eliminating the need for disparate point solutions while reducing complexity and cost. The solution is easy to deploy and maintain and seamlessly integrates into existing networks allowing clients to maximize interoperability with their current network and protect existing investments. Moreover, it ensures that traffic is encrypted even within the corporate network itself. In addition to protecting against insider threats and man-in-the-middle attacks, this makes it possible to extend the reach of the secure environment and implement secure communication with external partners with confidence. Companies can now safely and securely enable secure voice, video, e-mail, chat and file exchange communication with external partners such as lawyers, accountants, or subcontractors.

“Our Mobile Security Suite gets the balance right. It provides the highest levels of security and safety along with the freedom and flexibility that make it possible to work anywhere,” said Nikolai Smirnov, Infotecs Chief Product Officer. “It also makes life easier for the IT team.”

By providing rock-solid mobile security suitable for even very high security environments with a more reliable user experience and enabling external collaboration, Infotecs is helping clients successfully adopt critical mobile security measures to protect key information assets while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction. For more information please visit our website at www.infotecs.us/solutions/mobile.php.

About Infotecs

A pioneer of software-based VPN solutions since 1991, Infotecs developed its Peer-to-Peer ViPNet technology to deliver greater security, flexibility, and throughput than IPSec and other standards-based VPN products. ViPNet is the only VPN solution that supports true endpoint to endpoint security. More than 1,000,000 clients, offices, and servers have been securely connected with ViPNet products, backed up by an unparalleled world-class support, development, and technical team. Our solutions are designed to solve the toughest security challenges by providing superior protection that is flexible and effective. Additional information on the company is available at: www.infotecs.us.